Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore Accommodation

The Ritz-Carlton is synonymous with luxury hotels.

Bangalore also has the Ritz-Carlton, where you can stay at Indian prices.

When staying in Bangalore, why not stay there once?

Where is the hotel?

The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore is located near the center of Bangalore.

The airport is about 35 km away, or about 80 minutes by car.

In the evening, the road is crowded with traffic jams, so how long it takes to get to the hotel depends on the road conditions.

About the hotel

As expected, the entrance is a luxury hotel.

Stylish objects and art were lined up.

Object next to the entrance
They let me check in while sitting on this sofa
Tough sumo wrestler? Objects of
The lobby was decorated with beautiful roses.
You can wander around the hotel and discover art everywhere
This is also art displayed on the wall
This is the outdoor pool at the hotel. If you bring a swimsuit, you can put it in freely
Have a drink with my wife by the pool. I toasted with gin and tonic. Eco-friendly paper straws

About the state of the room

It was a great opportunity, so I stayed in an executive suite.

It was a type of room with a separate main room and bedroom.

The feeling of lighting is fashionable.
The table was decorated with raw roses

The room size is 102m 2. If you think about it simply, it is 10m × 10m, so it is very spacious.

I wonder how much it would cost to stay in such a large room in Japan... smile

The bottle containing water is also a Ritz-Carlton specification. It's fashionable!
Spacious bedroom
Open view from the bedroom
In India, the shower is the center, so the bath was the best.
The washbasin is also spacious.
The cityscape of Bangalore seen from the hotel (exuding Indian feeling、、、laughs)
By the way, the standard room looks like this. I waited here for a while to see if the room cleaning of the room I was planning to stay in was not done in time.

The restaurant.

Buffet buffet in the morning. We could eat Western and Indian food.
The venue was bright and beautiful.
I was able to eat while listening to a live band.

At last

Ritz-Carlton in Bangalore.

One night with 3 meals, the total cost was about 28,000 yen for two people! It's India price lol.

Recommended for those who want to stay in a spacious room near the city center!

★★★★★ The Ritz - Carlton, Bangalore, Bangalore, India

The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore is centrally located in the heart of Bangalore in close proximity to the finest in shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Located in Bangalore, close to UB City Mall, Commercial Street and Brigade Road, The Ritz - Carlton, Bangalore is a picturesque property with a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.