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Before I know it, summer is over, but I don't notice it.



Before you know it, August will be over in three days.

Considering that there are only four months left in this year, I think time passes really quickly.

I feel like I forget the heat of summer and the cold of winter, and say "Atsuki, Atsuki" and "Samui, Samui" every year.

When the temperature gets a little cooler, I felt that summer would end this year, but in Bangalore at this time of year, the mornings and evenings are cool and rather cold.

Recently, I noticed that in Japan, there are four seasons, so the year is divided into four and you can enjoy the changes, and it felt like time passes quickly, but in Bangalore, there are no four seasons, so it is difficult to feel the change of seasons and it feels like a year longer.

In Indian life, the feeling and the flow of time are unmatched.

So August is almost over, but it's hard to feel the end of August and it feels like it's easy to get used to it lol.

Adjusting the autonomic nervous system by taking a walk

Of course, looking back, I wonder how much time has passed.

In the morning, I take a walk with my wife, so I am sensitive to the change of seasons.

I usually talk to local members at the company and talk to several members of Japan people, so it may be venting, but my wife basically has only me to talk to.

It seems that there are wives stationed in the same apartment, but they did not seem to be very keen on the gathering of wives because they were careful.

A year in India that my wife feels if she is confined to the house all day may feel incomparably longer than mine.

So I don't know if it had the effect of relieving stress and adjusting my autonomic nerves, but my wife seemed to enjoy taking her outside regularly for walks.

On walks, I always go around the same place many times and talk about this and that.

Yesterday it seemed that they were having a party on the premises of the apartment.

It was a birthday celebration for a child.

Housing in India is subsidized by the company, so I live in a relatively good place, but I think that Indian people who live in the same apartment are quite rich.

I wondered what kind of life a child born to those parents would have、、、 and talked about it as I walked around.

Self-catering life in India

Our head chef cooks for me every day, so I am satisfied with my eating habits.

Vegetables are available cheaply, and meat can also be purchased, so they always serve delicious homemade food.

I buy ingredients at my local supermarket, online or from Korean restaurants. I rarely eat out because I can prepare everything and my self-catering is delicious.

Eating out is a big deal, so I only do it when I have occasional luxuries.

Oil Gonji Chicken

One of his wife's specialties is oil-soaked chicken.

Chicken can be purchased online and has no smell, so I think it is normally delicious.

If you eat it with a sauce made with green onions, the rice will go very far.

Lightly pickled cucumbers are also homemade.

Salmon Yukke Bowl

You can also get raw eggs, so the salmon yukke bowl is excellent (laughs).

Tuna and Thai are luxury products, so I only eat salmon for raw fish.

If you sprinkle the salmon with salt kelp and let it sleep, it will be delicious.

Banana tart

When I was at work, I suddenly received a line and a message said, "We have made the best masterpiece ever!"

If I was shown such a picture, I would have no choice but to leave as soon as possible、、、

The tart dough and custard cream are all made from India.

The habit of making what you don't have has developed since coming to India.

My wife is also doing her best, so I have to work hard! I think it's around this time today.

I want to rest well this weekend and get ready for next week's work.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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