Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport 080 Lounge


One of the pleasures of traveling to India is using the airport lounge.

The other day, I used Lounge 080 in Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport.

The lounge was beautiful and I was able to drink alcohol freely!

When I issued the JAL ticket, I received the lounge access ticket with it, but it seems that this lounge can also be used with Priority Pass.

How about spending time in the lounge eating or drinking while waiting for your flight?

Lounge Information

  • Business hours:24 hours
  • Facilities
    alcoholic beverages
    soft drinks
    flight information
    massage (charged)
Food Corner

At the food corner, you can eat salads, fruits, biryani and other light meals.

My personal recommendation is risotto, which can be ordered at the open counter.

I ordered the mushroom risotto and it was normally delicious.

When I ordered, he carried it to my seat.

Soft drinks and coffee were also provided free of charge.


At the bar counter, I was able to order not only beer but also various alcoholic beverages such as whiskey and gin for free.

The staff are wearing masks properly.

When I used it, there were many customers drinking alcohol at the counter.

The lighting was stylish, so it was cozy.

I drank sparkling wine and white wine.

Drink in moderation so you don't feel sick on later flights、、、

Massage Price List

Massages are available for a fee.

A 20-minute foot massage costs about 2500 yen.

It's a little expensive compared to massage shops in the city.

Lounge entrance

Lounge entrance
Passage to the lounge

The 080 lounge was located next to the souvenir shop (Forest Essentials) after leaving the departure gate for international flights.

The entrance was a little crowded to see if Corona had calmed down and the number of customers boarding international flights was increasing.

The lounge is in a prominent location so you can probably find it soon.

At last

Even in India, Corona is calming down, and I think that the number of customers using the lounge is increasing.

Take advantage of the lounge while waiting for your flight for a comfortable trip.

Happy Journey!!