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TOEIC Ability Now and Future English Learning


Hello, I'm Maruo.

I recently started studying TOEIC.

Since I came to India, I have more opportunities to speak English, so I will do my best to obtain a high TOEIC score.

When you return to Japan, your daily life will be full, so now is your chance!

Currently, my only way of learning English is three times a week.

My current TOEIC score is 760、、、

I would like to get 900 points somehow.

Of course, the road to 900 points is not easy.

When I took the TOEIC exam before, I felt that even if I came to India and had more opportunities to come into contact with English to some extent, I would not be able to get a TOEIC score.

If you don't study properly for TOEIC, you won't be able to do 、、、
(TOEIC was not sweet 、、、laughs),

so I would like to make a declaration on my blog in order to push myself.

"I will score 900 points on the TOEIC by March of next year!!" I am aware that the parts that I

am not good at are parts 2 and 4 of listening and part 7 of reading, so I will try to crush the parts that I am not good at first.

Speaking of which, there is one problem、、、 I have taken the TOEIC exam many times in the past,

but I have never reached the end of the question in the first place.

I know that I am too slow to read long sentences to reach the end, but how can I improve the reading comprehension speed of long sentences?

I'm in the process of trial and error, but first I'm going to continue reading aloud every day.

I would like to summarize information at a later date to see if the reading comprehension speed will improve as a result、、、

and what kind of results I will get for what I did in the next exam.
The same goes for listening.

I don't know how much reading aloud will improve my listening comprehension, but I will continue reading aloud once.
The rest is vocabulary.

Use the word book to memorize the words.

I may not have studied English words so much since I took the university entrance exam.

At that time, I never imagined that I would live in India and use English on a daily basis.

I want to say to myself as a high school student, "If I can speak English, I will be able to work all over the world."

If that's really the case, I could have enjoyed studying more.

Today I went to the winery tour with my wife.

If you ask questions in English to the winery tour staff, they will tell you many things.

「What is the feature of this area wine??」

「 I understood how to make red wine, rose and white wine. How about sparkling wine??」

You can also get to know other customers who were on the same tour.

TOEIC is one of the few objective indicators in working life, so scores are important, but I also want to learn English that I can use to enjoy life as well as study.

That said, first of all, I will do my best to get a high TOEIC score.

I would like to summarize the study method and the reference books I used on my blog at a later date.

I hope that my study habits as a member of society will be useful in the future.


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